Introducing Community Goals

Bring Fans Together By Creating Community Goals

Revlo wants your community to thrive. When fans band together and become passionate about their community and cause, they are able to do extraordinary things. We wanted to bring this type of experience onto the Revlo platform and today, we are proud to announce the release of Revlo Community Goals!

Oh yeah! Your community can pool points together to reach goals set by you.

Community Goals operate similar to crowdfunding. You set a goal and your fans contribute their points towards it. Once it’s reached, you complete the goal and your community celebrates. Just imagine all of your fans coming together to make something great happen!

More goals in our Community Goals Bank. Ideas galore!

For example, if your Community Goal is 24 hour stream, you’ll have to complete a 24 hour stream after the goal is reached. We have also created a Community Goal Bank, with goals like Dye My Hair and Charity Stream. Just plug and play! If you want to flex those creative muscles, you can create your own too.

Fans want to be closer to your stream and community. Engage them with Community Goals. Set them up now!

Made with Revlo ❤

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