Introducing Rewards Bank

Making rewards easier, simpler, and manageable

We know how important rewards are to Revlo communities. Everyday, we strive to make rewards easier to create, easier to manage, and easier to fulfill! Today, we are announcing the launch of the Revlo Rewards Bank!

Rewards Bank Time! Add those rewards today!

The Rewards Bank contains a collection of rewards, curated by Team Revlo, that you can effortlessly add to your Rewards. To sweeten the deal, we’ve added automation to some rewards. This means that as soon as these rewards are redeemed by a fan, the reward is activated! For example, if a fan redeemed 2x points for two minutes, a 2x points rate would be activated in your channel automatically. Talk about convenient!

I know, it’s awesome. Automated Rewards makes your life easier!

We also have an assortment of personalized rewards, from Unmod a Mod to Ask a Question. Just plug and play. We will be adding more, but we need your help with ideas — we want the Revlo Rewards Bank to be curated by all Revlonians!

Add your rewards today!

Made with Revlo ❤️

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