Revlo API (Beta) is Ready to Rumble

Explore and Discover the Power of Rewards with Revlo API

From Day 1, Revlo Rewards have been the best way for broadcasters and fans to create meaningful interactions. The most creative, engaging rewards on Revlo have come from communities that took the concept of rewards and ran with it. We want to extend that runaway. Revlonians should be able to create rewards, limited only to where their imaginations take them.

That’s why Revlo Rewards just levelled up. Introducing the new frontier of fan engagement, Revlo API (Beta).

Explore the power of Revlo Rewards!

So what can you do with Revlo’s API? Anything that involves rewards and redemptions!

Here are some ideas we thought of:

Create a Kickass Stream-first Game

Want your fans to create an OP monster from thin air or change the floor to molten lava in your game? Go HAM!

Let Fans Become Part of the Stream

Fans can have the ability to change the color of the lights in your room or trigger one of your glamorous overlays. Next level fan engagement!

Pair Up Revlo with Other Systems

Revlo might not have song requests, but other bots and systems do. Use the API to trigger a song request through redemptions. Easy as pie!

So, for your precious API key, go here:

For Revlo broadcasters only

For the documentation, go here:

Team Revlo Github

The only thing we ask is to show us what you build, so be sure to share on Twitter. Happy Building!

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