Revlo API (Beta) Upgrade!

Add points, deduct points automatically

Since we’ve launched our API, we’ve seen broadcasters automate their rewards and some developers even take their first crack at a stream-first game. Now, we’re adding more functionality to the API where users can have more control of their currency system!

The Revlo API Game-changer.

Introducing our Revlo API (Beta) Points Endpoint. Add points, deduct points automatically!

So, how can you use the new Points Endpoint?

Reward Awesomeness Effortlessly

  • Visited your website = +1,000,000 points
  • Bought some of your swag = +1,000,000 points
  • Donated $$$ or bits = +1,000,000 points

Alright, bonusing your fans 1,000,000 points might be a bit excessive (seriously, don’t do it) but those are some of the ideas you could do with the new API endpoint! You can also penalize viewers by taking away points automatically, for breaking stream rules or being timed out, for example.

So, for your API key, go here:

For Revlo broadcasters only

For the documentation, go here:

Team Revlo Github

Have fun and happy building!

Made with Revlo ❤

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